• A supporter of activities and planning that preserve the character of the area. 

• A watchdog monitoring activities which impact the environment and the beauty of the 1000 Islands. 

• A distributor of essential information to assure that residents have the facts for promoting a healthy ecosystem. 

• liaison with other organizations in the area working to support a sustainable environment.

1000 Islands

Be part of the Official Plan Review!

The future of the 1000 Islands is under examination as the Official Plan for the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands is being reviewed.

We encourage you to make sure your views are heard!  How do you want the waterfront, the islands, the Parkway to look 5 or even 20 years from now?  What is worth protecting?  What kind of development should be encouraged?

Please go to www.leeds1000islands.ca/officialplanreview and scroll down to the list of Discussion Papers.  Click on any that interest you, such as “Waterfront Development” and “Natural Heritage”.  Each Paper has a list of questions to get you thinking.

Your thoughts should be taken into account!   The deadline is January 31, 2018 for your comments at this stage of the Official Plan review.  E-mail them to officialplanreview@townshipleeds.on.ca.

If you have questions about the Official Plan review, please contact Elaine Mallory, Director of Planning and Development, at 613-659-2415 xt. 212, or toll-free 1-866-220-2327.  Her e-mail is Elaine@townshipleeds.on.ca.

Many thanks for doing this.  And please forward this message to neighbours or family members who you think might want to express their views.

Happy New Year from all of us at TIARA!