About Us

We are a grassroots organization drawn from landowners in the Thousand Islands and along the St. Lawrence from Kingston to Brockville, Ontario.

(The extent of the Special Policy Area – which TIARA established in the 1970s, was the islands and mainland south of the 401 in Leeds & the Thousand Islands and Front of Yonge, although we have members beyond that, and many who are not actually on the water.)

TIARA is an advocacy group for the natural environment in the Thousand Islands region.  Our organization is concerned with the eco system of the Islands.  As a result we monitor issues involving land use planning and the environment.

TIARA had a significant part in the establishment of the Official Plans for the river front municipalities.  We keep a close eye on area development to ensure that those plans are honoured and that new development is appropriate and in keeping with its surroundings.

TIARA is recognized as being prepared to take action to protect an ecosystem already fragile by 150 years of development.