TIARA's Principal Goal is to preserve and improve the present character of the Thousand Islands area with emphasis on the environment.

We are concerned about good land-use planning, about Official Plans and zoning by-laws which reflect the wishes of the people. Over the years, we have conducted numerous surveys of all area landowners, to ascertain what those wishes are.

We believe that a long-range view should be taken when new development is being planned, and that the special atmosphere and beauty of the Thousand Islands should be considered when decisions are being made.

We are conscious of our environment, and the cumulative impact over time of many small decisions upon such dwindling resources as wetlands and natural shoreline.

We are committed to preserving and passing on the rich human history of this area.

We are concerned about the economy of our area, and that people should continue to live and work here in harmony with their surroundings in a sustainable fashion.

We take a long-range view, seeing the future of the Thousand Islands as more than our lifetime. We want to be proud of what we are passing on to our children and grandchildren.